Donna O’Meara: Blown Away

Donna O’Meara: Blown Away

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Donna O’Meara is recognized worldwide as an award-winning photographer, author and expert on volcanoes. Her talk will describe her start shooting active volcanoes, and some of the fun, scary and strange adventures of her work.


In 1994, Donna and husband Stephen O’Meara founded Volcano Watch International (VWI), a research organization dedicated to better understanding Earth’s active volcanoes. VWI uses imagery to educate people around the globe about volcanic dangers and what can be done to save the lives of people who live in or near unsafe areas. It is currently estimated that more than half a million unsuspecting people live in active volcanic danger. These volcanic zones include Seattle’s Cascade range, Mexico City’s deadly Popocatapetyl and Europe’s infamous Mt. Vesuvius in Naples, Italy.

In 2001, O’Meara received a grant from the National Geographic Expeditions Council. Today she is a National Geographic Society contract photographer and videographer. O’Meara’s photographs, videos and samples of volcanic rock are part of the permanent archives of the Smithsonian Institution.

O’Meara’s dazzling photographs instill a sense of respect, appreciation, admiration and value for the planet’s natural volcanic wonders. She believes that the more we learn about and respect volcanoes, the better off humankind will be.

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