Erika Larsen: The Sami Reindeer Herders

Erika Larsen: The Sami Reindeer Herders

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“Erika Larsen has worked as a magazine photographer since 2000, specializing in human interest stories, sensitive cultural issues and the connection between people and the natural world.

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For the past three years, Larsen has been living with families in Norway and Sweden. She regularly photographs the daily lives of Sami reindeer herders living in the Scandinavian Arctic. Her lecture will focus on her experiences of creating stories within the culture, learning the language and developing this project over an extended period of time.

Her other work includes “Young Blood” and “The Hunt,” intimate looks into North American hunting culture, specifically hunting’s connection with nature and role in the cycle of life and death.

Larsen has been recognized by World Press Photo, the American Society of Magazine Editors and the New Jersey State Council of the Arts. A Fulbright Scholar, Larsen’s work has been published and exhibited internationally. She is currently working on a film.”


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