“Spooky” Physics

“Spooky” Physics

What Einstein called “spooky,” Physicist Leo Kouwenhoven calls the future. In this illuminating talk, he explains quantum entanglement — the property that shows how particles can affect each other, even if they’re on opposite ends of the universe — and demonstrates how we will manipulate it to revolutionize the way our computers work.

Leo Kouwenhoven is professor Quantum Transport. Quantum mechanics is the theory of atoms and elementary particles. Man itself is made out of atoms as well so quantum is the basis of our existence: life as we know it. Recent studies show that even large objects act quantum like existing in two places at the same time. Leo and his team can visualise this behaviour to the naked eye because these two places are now one centimeter away from each other. Imagine the possibilities (for mankind) when the distance increases. That’s a one centimeter step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

  1. Gene Nelson IIIGene Nelson III12-13-2018

    Fascinating program. Not every Rotary makeup program covers the “greatest intellectual revolution of mankind”; in this case, the quantum theory. Much to look forward to in this “spooky” science.

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