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Steve Fine

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Steve Fine has been Director of Photography at Sports Illustrated  since 1996. Fine started working at SI in 1979 as an Assistant Photo Editor. In 1983, he was at the New York Times  for 6 years as Sports Picture Editor at the Sunday magazine. He returned to Sports Illustrated  in 1992.

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Steve Fine will discuss Olympic coverage by Sports Illustrated . No one covers the Olympics like SI: they will have 8 full time photographers at the Games, 4 in the mountains and 4 in the city, delivering action, reaction, and a sense of place like no other magazine or newspaper in the world. Fine will explain the state-of-the-art transmit system which allows Sports Illustrated   to feed the and websites on a daily, fast-close deadline. He will also speak about how the magazine’s editors and shooters work to bring a fresh perspective to the Olympic games and sport news.

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