The taboo secret to better health | Molly Winter

The taboo secret to better health | Molly Winter

(12:22) Our poop and pee have superpowers, but for the most part we don’t harness them. Molly Winter faces down our squeamishness and asks us to see what goes down the toilet as a resource, one that can help fight climate change, spur innovation and even save us money.

  1. Ma. Corazon ReyesMa. Corazon Reyes08-11-2018

    I am a mom of 5, a public health conscious person who applies on a daily basis recycling almost everything, Food left over, water from the laundry to clean the garage, segregating trash, vertical gardening using plastic containers, old jeans to bags…. to name a few.
    This lecture on poop and pee superpowers are real! And how I wish the septic tanks in all houses can gather into an area where it is naturally treated by the wasteland. There are immeasurable ways to continue to contribute to saving mother earth…

    I appreciate the advocacy of Miss Molly and admire her passion into this concept that needs to be global. I totally agree with her in this regard.
    In our Rotary Club of Waling waling, Davao, Philippines, we were blessed to have Matching Grant projects that helped 3 public elementary school have additional source of water harvested from rain.This water reservoir allowed the children to have better sanitation in their toilets. ans better sanitation brings more healthy bodies…
    We appreciate as well the focus area of service of all Rotary Clubs in water and sanitation. The support is tremendous and not only financial funding was generated but technical support as well from Rotarians as they shared their expertise.

  2. Claude JonesClaude Jones08-26-2018

    This absolutely makes sense, but will require a huge re-education program to get people in the mood. Our community in Brentwood California is using “recycled” water for irrigation purposes and does market the solid treated waste to local farmers. I am told you could actually drink the treated water – that’s where the marketing program will have to be good!

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