The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans

  1. Claude JonesClaude Jones08-26-2018

    Very interesting program. My wife’s mother had a severe case of “dementia” and while she has passed, I wonder if this doctor could have helped her.

  2. Ma. Corazon ReyesMa. Corazon Reyes08-27-2018

    As a nurse, I am very appreciative of the new management approach to mental illness. It is indeed using technology as our medical advancement. It is indeed providing more approaches that does not limit the opportunities of getting a better life,
    The implications of this video can be great, and I believe in what the doctor said that this approach of using x-ray imagery can help primarily the patient…. enabling the doctor to focus his treatment to the scan results. As the patient is better, faster to recovery, the implications are far better to his immediate circle of life ( family) and to the outer circles of his life ( workplace and community at large).
    My personal experience with mental diseases are limited but I have seen many patients whose lives have been destroyed because of traditional therapy in this field. I hope that this new management can be used well by health practitioners so that many lives can be recovered by this mental illnesses.

  3. Judith DoyonJudith Doyon10-10-2018

    As an RN I found this program to be very useful research

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