A Zero Energy, Water, Waste Future | Mike Dieterich | TEDxHerndon

A Zero Energy, Water, Waste Future | Mike Dieterich | TEDxHerndon

Mike discusses the future of energy, water, and waste in our built environment. He suggests how we can zero our human footprint.

Mike Dieterich is a LEED Accredited Professional, environmental scientist, award winning producer, and bestselling author. He has worked in the sustainability industry and explored the environment throughout United States, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Algeria and Kenya, over the past decade. Having written policies and programs to support education, as well as historic sustainability efforts in Washington DC, he is known as a Sustainability Champion. He has worked with local-small businesses to state agencies, federal groups, international companies and non-profit organizations, the range of sustainability projects for organizations fills the spectrum. Mike has been a featured sustainability expert on various Fox & NBC stations, as well as a featured speaker at numerous conferences and most recently at the UNESCO Sustainability conference, in front of the US Congress, Carnegie Melon, and the 2015 Green Festival.


  1. paul asarepaul asare06-06-2018

    a good presentation. I really like the topic and the presentation

  2. Chris HarrigfeldChris Harrigfeld06-19-2018

    Very interesting what can happen with water and energy conservation.

  3. Tracy MoonTracy Moon08-09-2018

    Excellent Program

  4. Kenneth CaplinKenneth Caplin09-10-2018

    Interesting info- water is one of our most valuable resources

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