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About Us

We chartered in 2012 as a fully ELECTRONIC club, not a club requiring a time and place to meet, but doing Rotary work without question.

Our club cause is “Women Empowerment” – Stopping Human Trafficking, Eradicating Hunger in known areas of need, and Providing Clean Water where needed.  We are currently involved with a $60,000 grant in water.  We also work with anti human trafficking.

We do not have weekly meetings, but we do have board meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM PST.   As a member, you are invited to the board meetings to share information and let your voice be heard when you like.  Nevertheless, the same requirements of service and attendance are in place for the eClub.  For meeting requirements, go to our club website ( and watch/listen to motivating talks at our convenience OR attend ANY Rotary Club or function in the WORLD!  Our club provides ‘meetings’ in the form of interesting talks which are posted on our website for meeting requirements.

We have all the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as every other Rotary club.  

The type of members we are looking for?  Those who are self-motivated.  In this unique club style, you can create your own project OR locate a project of interest with any club in the world!  You can go to socials where you wish since our members are from several states and cities.

If you are interested in our style or have contacts, please contact us. Our yearly cost is $300 a year, with a one-time $25 fee due when applying to join the eClub of the West.

Rosalind Russell, Membership 2021-22,   949 497 4911 (not for texting) or